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Since the HoopMaster first came on the market in 1998, thousands of customers in more then 43 countries around the world have purchased the HoopMaster to make their embroidery hooping easier. The HoopMaster is sold by more commercial embroidery machine dealers then all other commercial hooping devices combined. It is the ease of use and reliability that makes customers around the world turn to HoopMaster for their hooping needs.
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Helen Hart Momsen,
Custom Embroiderer, Digitizer, Industry Speaker and Educator, Columnist and feature writer for Printwear and Custom Gift Business magazines, Author of " Professional Embroidery Stitching by Design" and "Professional Embroidery Business by Design,"
Developer of the Hart Form, a comprehensive business form for apparel decorators.
In the embroidery industry since 1979

(this comment was in response to a question about the HoopMaster on the Embroidery Line email group)
I use the Hoop Master in my training Workshop at the Printwear shows. Years ago I did an article on hooping devices and had almost every one available at that time in my shop to test drive. The only one I
couldn't part with was the HoopMaster and I was a confirmed "table hooper" before that.
Marsha, Monogram Magic
Peru, IL
Years in Business = 23
Embroidery Heads =8
Although I have only worked with the hooping station 1 day, I already see the advantages over the previous hooping board we have. The ease of moving the board for different sizes of shirts, and the magnetic holding device is great. Also, the overall quality of the product construction is very nice.
Carol, Classic Creations in Embroidery
Florissant, MO
In business since 1992
Embroidery Heads =2
(this comment was in response to a question on the EmbLIST email group about the HoopMaster)
Most of my wrist and elbow issues were from hooping... At one point in time I was hooping flat on the table I use. We researched the different hooping devices for a long time. We finally decided on the Hoopmaster...solved the issues with my wrists, elbows and hands. Wonderful piece of equipment.

Jennifer, Creative Threads Inc.
Milford, MI
in Business since 2003

I was very impressed with the packaging of your product and everything arrived in perfect condition.
The documentation is the best I've ever seen. Very clear. Very concise. I understood exactly how to use the equipment based on the instructions given. Thanks for doing such a stellar job! It is obvious that customer satisfaction is very important to your company.

I couldn't be happier with your product!

Patricia From Rochester, NY
In Business Since 1998

I just wanted you to know how much I love my Hoopmaster set! I am telling everyone about it. I thought the quality and workmanship were nice, but my husband was majorly impressed. This is a man who collects chain saws and has every power tool known to mankind, and I mean top brands, not junk. Now, if you can impress a man with the quality of a tool that he doesn't know the use of and will never use, you've got one quality tool.  Thank you for your prompt shipping and attention to details.
I'm one happy hooper!


Philip, Embroiderus
Cookstown, Northern Ireland
Embroidery Heads = 24

The HoopMaster has been a fantastic help to our business, faster
hooping means we can increase our production on a daily basis. An absolutely
brilliant piece of equipment!!!!

Garry and Nancy Meister, N & N Designs
Janesville, WI

My wife and I visited your booth at the St.Charles NNEP show and purchased the HoopMaster for the Melco Amaya. To make a long story short, my wife has not thrown a hoop since!!! Your system is very well designed and works great! Thanks again, Garry and Nancy

Amanda, Stitch N Things
Blackwater, MO
In business since 2005
Embroidery Heads = 6

I love the HoopMaster. I like the videos that can be viewed on your website as well as the DVD that was sent with the product. I have only used it twice so far, however it took me 2 minutes to hoop a
shirt instead of 30 minutes. Turned out perfect and STRAIGHT! Thanks!

Deb, Embellished Threads
Embroidery Heads = 2
In business since 1996

(this comment was in response to a question about the HoopMaster on the EmbLIST email group)
I had 2 hoopers before investing in the HoopMaster and was sorry I didn't go with the HoopMaster to begin with. 1st off, the HoopMaster is ergonomically kind to your wrists, especially when doing anymore than a few in an order. 2ndly, the changeover in sizes is just a matter of lifting the arms off one numbered location and setting it down in the next location. This also provides consistency in placement for every item.


Kathy, Stitching Unlimited
Embroidery Heads = 3
In business since 2003

(this comment was in response to a question about the HoopMaster on the EmbLIST email group)
I am also a small business with small orders. I just bought the HoopMaster at the Long Beach ISS show after telling myself it was too expensive and I didn't need it. The only thing I am sorry about is that it took me so long to buy it! I wish I had bought this when I first started...it makes a world of difference! You will love it...it's worth every penny!


Shaun, BePersonal
South Wales, United Kingdom
Embroidery Heads = 1
In business since 2005

Hi, I purchased the kit to fit my pr600 when I was on vacation in the USA last year. It is a fantastic piece of machinery and has increased my efficiency while decreasing my errors in hooping.


Chris, Sew on & Sew Forth
Machine - Brother PR-600
In business since, 2003

I am a one person business doing 1-100 items and I absolutely love your product. No more chasing stabilizer under garments! And hooping is FAST! Everything I had hoped for. And this thing is built tough. It is so easy
to change sizes. I am one happy owner of the HoopMaster System!


Eddie, A1A Embroidery
In business since, 2001

(this comment was in response to a question on the SWF Owners Yahoo email group about the HoopMaster)
We use the Hoopmaster and have found it to be amazing for hooping. We have had other aids as well but have
found this one to be the most fool proof, and believe me we have had some real fools working for us. The money spent on the hoopmaster was very well spent. It adds consistency to all the jobs that we do. When a customer reorders we know that we can place the design in the same spot every time.


Lisa, Magic Stitches
Embroidery Heads = 1
In business since, 2001

(this comment is in response to a question on the EmbLIST email group about the HoopMaster) I wanted to let everyone know that I received my HoopMaster late Wed afternoon. I read through the instructions, assembled it and hooped my first shirt within 15 minutes! It is certainly an awesome product. I'm actually looking forward to my next order of bags to try out on the freestyle arm!


Sugarloaf, PA
Embroidery Heads = 1 Brother PR-600 II

I am just starting out in business and I was very frustrated with hooping. I received my hoopmaster yesterday, I used it this morning on 3 shirts and I love it, it will make the rest of the order easy to do. Thank You for making hooping so easy.



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